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AutorenBernd Baumgart, Michael Mann
Status nicht mehr im Programm
DownloadRustyNails-CrazyCobra.mp3 (5.60 MB Stereo) aufgenommen: 1992
InfoText von Bernd, Musik von Micha und Bernd.
TextThere was an empty bed
There was an empty shower
There was an empty envelope
But it was full of power
There was a crazy cobra
There was a Jaguar car
There was a laser razor
Tried to kill my guitar
But when you told me
That you loved me
I was scared

There was a sexy preacher
On an icy road
There was a hairy creature
So afraid of the cold
But when you told me
That you loved me
I was scared

Well you know
Some show their feelings
And some show their slides
You showed me your brand new car
And you invited me right inside
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